SweetWater Brewing Co.

July 16, 2014 Darrell 0

Water in Ohio is going to be getting a little bit sweeter for everyone. With the great local growth of beer we are getting the attention of some great brands out of the state. And SweetWater Brewing Co fits that bill. We stole some time from Chaz at SweetWater Brewing Co, as they make plans to invade Ohio beginning in the fall. Chaz gives us the details of what they are bringing and how they plan to conquer Ohio.

Ghost Breweries Interview Session

June 4, 2014 Darrell 0

We tricked Bret Dodd onto this weeks episode of The Ohio Beercast. Bret is heading up the new documentary Ghost Breweries. Not looking for spirits but examining the buildings that were the life blood of the pre-Prohibition brewing industry. Bret gives us some of the details for this project and the breweries he will visit along the way. One of the areas to be featured in the documentary is Over The Rhine in Cincinnati. Download this episode and open your ears along with your beers for this episode.

Beer Geeks Interview Session

May 27, 2014 Darrell 0

Kicking off the week right, we have an interview with the Executive Producer of the tv show Beer Geeks on tap. David Page and team each week give us access to the brewing process some of the most innovative brewers are using to create fantastic beer. With host Michael Ferguson, David and team are entering season 2 of Beer Geeks with more breweries to see, learn from, and enjoy.

Catawba Island Brewing Co. Interview Session

May 15, 2014 Darrell 1

It’s beercast time again folks and episode 60 is here to dance in your ears. This week we dragged Cindy of Catawba Island Brewing Co. behind the mic. While not technically an island anymore we let it slide as get to know more about Catawba Island Brewing Co. We get the info on their beer, atmosphere and some Ohio views on beer. So do yourself a favor and find a seat, turn the dial to 11, and grab a beer.

Braxton Brewing Co. Interview Session

May 6, 2014 Darrell 0

Episode 58 takes us south of the border into Covington, Kentucky as we talk to the boys of the Braxton Brewing Co. The entire team joined us for the interview. The team consists of Evan Rouse, Richard DubĂ©, Jake Rouse & Greg Rouse. Looking to open this year Braxton Brewing is quickly building a following. Built on the foundation of Evan’s experience as a home brewer and time brewing at the Haufbrau house in Newport, Braxton Brewing Co. will be looking to raise some pints near you soon. Find a beer push, play and let the sound infiltrate your ears.

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