Braxton Brewing Co. Interview Session


Episode 58 takes us south of the border into Covington, Kentucky as we talk to the boys of the Braxton Brewing Co. The entire team joined us for the interview. The team consists of Evan Rouse, Richard Dubé, Jake Rouse & Greg Rouse. Looking to open this year Braxton Brewing is quickly building a following. Built on the foundation of Evan’s experience as a home brewer and time brewing at the Haufbrau house in Newport, Braxton Brewing Co. will be looking to raise some pints near you soon. Find a beer, push play and let the sound infiltrate your ears.

Want to keep up on all the details and what’s going on at Braxton Brewing Co.? Check out their website at Or if social media is more your speed like them on Facebook, follow Braxton Brewing Co on Twitter or find them on Instagram.

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