Episode 83: October Highs and Lows in Ohio

October 10, 2014 Darrell 0

As the title suggests we have had our highs and lows in Ohio beer this month, nothing earth shattering but there will be broken hearts. This week the Ohio beercast is driven by Darrell as he takes you through the Ohio beer world and outside it’s borders for the most important and useful beer news you can use. So grab that beer, find a seat and lets raise one to Ohio. Because Ohio is the beer of it all.

Braxton Brewing Co. Interview Session

May 6, 2014 Darrell 0

Episode 58 takes us south of the border into Covington, Kentucky as we talk to the boys of the Braxton Brewing Co. The entire team joined us for the interview. The team consists of Evan Rouse, Richard DubĂ©, Jake Rouse & Greg Rouse. Looking to open this year Braxton Brewing is quickly building a following. Built on the foundation of Evan’s experience as a home brewer and time brewing at the Haufbrau house in Newport, Braxton Brewing Co. will be looking to raise some pints near you soon. Find a beer push, play and let the sound infiltrate your ears.

Beer for the People

April 11, 2014 Darrell 1

The 54th episode of The Ohio Beercast has Darrell roping Chris of Queen City Fresh into joining him for the usual beer update episode. Again we find beer dancing in the political arena with trickles of news coming out about the new ABV proposal, a sin tax rebellion taking place in Cuyahoga County and Kasich touting himself as a pro beer politician. We also drop some knowledge bombs and thoughts on the areas of defining craft beer, new FDA standards around the corner and of course births, expansions and anniversaries. Get that beer, find that seat, grab a hold and hang on tight because the Ohio Beercast is here to rattle your brain.