Geo. Wiedemann Brewing Co: Interview Session


Episode 85 finds us catching lunch with Jon and Doug Newberry of the Wiedemann Brewing Co at Sorrento’s Pizzeria in Norwood, OH. In between bites of food we talk about the rebirth of Wiedemann beer. We also talk about the latest on the old Bavarian Brewing Building in Covington, Kentucky that is currently slated for demolition. I will note that we are at an active resturant so there is some background noise and all that fun stuff.

So if you want to learn all about this 100+ year old brewery from birth to rebirth check out the Wiedemann Brewing Co website at Or if you would like to get a little social with Wiedemann check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you would like to follow the latest news on the Bavarian Brewing Building you can check out the petition at or visit the website

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