It’s a Sheep World


Episode 76Here once again to invade your ears, its the Ohio Beercast. Darrell and Mark saddle up and jump on it to bring you the latest in beer news. We have an interesting kickstarter project to check out, fancy smoked beer, Stone Brewing talk and dissecting the top 10 Ohio breweries list. Of course we have some fun events to check out, along with some births and expansions. So sit back and relax its beercast time, enjoy.

Kickstarter Event
Beer Rubbers
Beer Rubbers

Duck Creek Brewing: Cincinnati – 2015

Lager Heads Brewing Co: Medina

Kinda Out of It


beercast_e75The middle of August is here, school is starting up and the Ohio Beercast is back with another fantastic episode about beer in Ohio. Darrell and Mark step up to the mic and discuss the drinking age, beer at baseball stadiums, big beer at festivals and blind taste testing the big boy beers. So do yourself a favor and crack one open, turn that dial to eleven and get ready for your ears to weep with joy as the Ohio Beercast kicks off episode 75.

Crowd Funding Events
Cincy Brew Ha H
August 21st-23rd
Ohio Craft Brew Festival
north market
September 12th-14th

Aqueduct Brewing Co.: Akron – 2014

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Franklin Brewing Co. & Beerfest Waterfront District Interview Session


Franklin Brewing Co.Well folks we are having a two for one special today on the Ohio Beercast. We are interviewing the team behind Franklin Brewing Co & Beerfest Waterfront District with some personnel cross over. Packed inside this episode we talk to Howard and Aaron to find out what makes Franklin Brewing tick, while getting the details for the first ever Lorain beerfest with a surprise guest, Bob of the Lorain Growth Committee. Most important of all, find a beer and open your ears to noise we call the beer world.

brewfestTo get all the latest news about Franklin Brewing Co. you can use their domain at or hit them up in a social way on Twitter and Facebook.

Buy your tickets to the first ever Lorain Waterfront District Brewfest at Want to keep up with all the beer and happens of the event check out their Facebook.

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Brew Salt Interview Session


YAj7rnI5They say variety is the spice of life, and with the rise of craft beer we have been getting that in droves. But the team at Brew Salt is taking that idea and turning it up to an 11 with their beer salt. We talk to Robin and Pat, two of the owners, about beer, brew salt, and fun. So with a little of this and a little of that it’s Episode 73. Sit back and relax and let your ears learn a little something.

Want to know the latest news for Brew Sal? Keep track of the team at You can also catch up them on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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The Fantasy Ohio Beer League: II

It is 2014 and we are back for the second annual Fantasy Ohio Beer League. We are looking for the top 32 beers made in Ohio for the fantasy beer league. We will have 4 divisions with 5 weeks of head-to-head voting to narrow down the field of 32 beers for a 10 beer playoff. We feature a single elimination playoff to determine the one Ohio beer to rule them all. So what is the point of this? To crown the best beer in Ohio? No, beauty is in the tongue of the beholder. We want to have fun and find all those little beers hidden out there in Ohio and create the ultimate taste list for everyone to travel down. Currently our form only has 7 slots for beers but you can nominate and complete the form as many times as you like. Then at the end of August we will announce the top 32 beers in the league and begin voting in September and to the lucky brewer/brewery of this beer will be the honor of winning and our trophy The Yanni. This is a for the people by the people beer vote, so vote often. The few rules we have are below the form.

If your curious what happened last year check it out – Fantasy Ohio Beer League: I

The Nomination Period is over stay tuned to here the Beers in the 2014 Fantasy Ohio Football League with the regular season starting September 8th.


  • Beer nominations submitted by August 15th
  • Head-to-Head competition begins Sept. 8th
  • Playoff field of 10 beers
  • List of 32 broken down into 4 divisions
  • Only beer made and sold in Ohio
  • Beers nominated are regular release beers or seasonal releases
  • No limited releases