My top 3 Ohio IPA’s

As promised, on the eve of National IPA Day, here are my top 3 Ohio IPA’s. They’re not in any particular order but they’re the ones I seek out when I’m visiting friends and family. Enjoy!

Columbus Brewing Company, India Pale Ale (
I love this beer for it’s floral aroma, you can really smell all of the hops. CBC’s IPA has a great, copper-hazy appearance and is provides an appealing mouthfeel without being palate wrecking. I’ll always remember this beer as my first true introduction to the style and one of the first craft beers that I didn’t turn my nose up to. Columbus’ IPA was one of my favorites then and it still is today. This IPA pairs very nicely with hot buffalo wings or a light-bodied blue cheese.

MadTree Brewing, PsycHOPathy IPA (
MadTree’s still pretty new to the Ohio beer scene, but don’t let age fool you. I had the opportunity to visit the brewery on a Thursday back in June and everything I tried was awesome. I especially loved this beer for it’s session-like flavor and finish. PsycHOPathy’s nose is piney, but not overwhelming. The body is light and crisp, but not as light as a blonde or a golden, and the finish makes you thirst for more. I know that I said it has a session-like flavor, but don’t be fooled; PsycHOPathy packs a punch with it’s near 7% ABV. This a great IPA for those hot and humid Ohio summers.

Great Lakes Brewing Company, Lake Erie Monster Double IPA (
This one really isn’t for the newbies. It’s packed with a ton of Simco and Willamette hops that pair off of each other, balancing bitterness with spiciness, and surprisingly smooth from the speciality grains. Lake Erie Monster comes in at 9.1% and is clearly not a sessionable beer, drinking multiple is not advised (there might even be a government warning advising against it). If you’re lucky enough to still have some of these in your cellar, drink them quick, all of those hops won’t last for more than 3 months from the brew date. I love pairing this behemoth with a spicy Indian Curry like Vindaloo, all of the oils from the hops cool the burn from the spice.

These are just 3 of the IPA’s that I enjoy, it’s a subjective list and a lot of it is based off of the distribution of these beers in the Dayton market and my experiences traveling around the state to sample them. Let us know what your top 3 are!