The Fantasy Ohio Beer League

Fantasy Ohio Beer LeagueSo let it begin, we are looking for the top 32 beers made in Ohio for a fantasy beer league. We will have 4 divisions with 5 weeks of head-to-head voting to narrow down the field of 32 beers down to the final 10 beers. With single elimination playoff to determine the one Ohio beer to rule them all. So what is the point of this? To crown the best beer in Ohio? No, beauty is in the tongue of the beholder. We want to have fun and find all those little beers hidden out there in Ohio and create the ultimate taste list for everyone to travel down. Currently our form only has 7 slots for beers but you can nominate and complete the form as many times as you like. Then at the end of August we will announce the top 32 beers in the league and begin voting the first week of September and to the lucky brewer/brewery of this beer will be the honor of winning and a 5×7 baby photo of Kevin (one of the podcasters). This is a listener vote so vote often. The few rules we have are below the form.

The nominating period is over. Please take a moment to jump over to the beer standings and vote to let your beer be heard.

Vote Now: Week 1 voting


  • Beer nominations submitted by July 30th
  • Head-to-Head competition begins Sept. 3rd
  • Playoff field of 10 beers
  • List of 32 broken down into 4 divisions
  • Only beer made and sold in Ohio
  • Beers nominated are regular release beers or seasonal releases
  • No limited releases