Geo. Wiedemann Brewing Co: Interview Session

November 4, 2014 Darrell 0

Episode 85 finds us catching lunch with Jon and Doug Newberry of the Wiedemann Brewing Co at Sorrento’s Pizzeria in Norwood, OH. In between bites of food we talk about the rebirth of Wiedemann beer. We also talk about the latest on the old Bavarian Brewing Building in Covington, Kentucky that is currently slated for demolition.

E84: Beerways

October 27, 2014 Darrell 0

Well after a few weeks of personal crazyness we are back dropping some beer news in your ears. Darrell is back, one appendix lighter, and Mark is in the Georgia satellite office. We bring you some crowdfuding projects and updates. Also we’ll fill your ears with news and thoughts on big brewery’s moving east, the brewing wine and beer battle, events births and much more. Of course you get this all neatly packaged with our witty banter. So gather up a bottle and glass kick up in a chair and let us sooth your soul. This is the Ohio Beercast.

Episode 83: October Highs and Lows in Ohio

October 10, 2014 Darrell 0

As the title suggests we have had our highs and lows in Ohio beer this month, nothing earth shattering but there will be broken hearts. This week the Ohio beercast is driven by Darrell as he takes you through the Ohio beer world and outside it’s borders for the most important and useful beer news you can use. So grab that beer, find a seat and lets raise one to Ohio. Because Ohio is the beer of it all.

A Beer Opprotunity for Brutus

September 30, 2014 Darrell 0

Missing your fix of Ohio beer news? Well don’t worry Darrell and Mark are back in the saddle. We bring episode 82 with the latest for your ears. We talk about the beer placebo effect, NFL beer prices and an Ohio brewery milestone. With some cool crowd funding projects and products for the home. So jump on in and enjoy episode 82.

Dancing Around the World

September 26, 2014 Darrell 0

In the beer world we are what you would call regulars, as those types of folks we feel the call to bring you the beer world right to your doorstep. So Mark and Darrell are back again as we kick off episode 81 of the Ohio Beercast. You’ll see some standard segments like crowd funding projects, products & births, but outside the box you’ll find our 3 ups and 3 downs for the Columbus’ chances of landing the Stone Brewing Co expansion, thoughts on the SabMiller buyout, and the cost of a six pack break down. This is all beer news you can use, so get it while you can and put it in your ears.

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