Mark and Darrell Pontificate about beer

December 20, 2013 Darrell 0

If have ever wondered what can wrong when Mark and Darrell are left on their own for to long, this episode will clear up that mystery. We give you the keys to the kingdom for last minute gift ideas for the beer geek in your life and we talk about the state of beer and dream about the future of it. So get your beer sit down for a wild ride. I will make one last note, we had some issue with connection so there maybe a little audio glitching.

The Ohio Brewing Co. Interview Session

December 12, 2013 Darrell 0

Catch up with the latest news for the Ohio Brewing Company (OBC). Located in Akron, OBC is in the middle of a big transition as a brewery and we catch up with the founder Chris Verich and get some of the details on what is happening. Currently OBC is transitioning out of their old location to build out a new location and get settled in. They have a lot going on and it is great to see the drive and passion coming out of OBC as they take this next step.

The Realm Of Ohio Beer

December 6, 2013 Darrell 0

You’ll find us catching up on current Ohio beer legislation and random beer law rants, hopping on the Cincinnati Heritage trail and some holiday tips to start your own beer cellar system is all in this weeks episode.